How real estate agents can secure international clients

For Florida and New York real estate agents, working with international clients is a great way to level up their careers. Many foreign buyers looking for properties in the US have plenty of cash on hand, ready for a quick closing; they are just looking for someone to help them navigate the process. But it can feel a bit like jumping into a game of double dutch if your experience has been limited to domestic buyers. International buyers want experienced agents who specialize in dealing with foreign nationals and are familiar with the unique requirements and barriers. This is how real estate agents can enter the international market and start attracting foreign buyers as their clients: How real estate agents can secure international clients.

Begin Networking Online

The SEO game takes time, and while it’s important to compete for key search phrases, it won’t be your way to immediate entry. Get started by networking with other international real estate agents in groups, forums, events and more. Real estate agents who are certified international property specialists are often listed on real estate agent databases and sites. Establishing a relationship with firms and agencies in other countries is another great way to position yourself for large international references.

Make your website readable in multiple languages

Don’t let language barriers turn away a frustrated prospect who decided to take their business elsewhere. With the current accuracy of Google Translate, there is no excuse for an outdated website that doesn’t translate its pages into at least 3-5 different languages. Many real estate agent sites offer simple one-click dropdown menus with flags that allow international viewers to select the language they want to view your website in.

Hire a diverse internal staff

If you or your team understand the prospect’s cultural background better than the next real estate agent, they will most likely choose you over them. This is how real estate agents can secure international clients, or at least one of the ways. If you’ve done your research on their customs, the specific national requirements related to the home buying process, or even if you can speak some of the language, you’ll have an advantage over the next realtor who didn’t do the extra work. to fully understand the customer. If your knowledge is limited, hiring assistants or filling your team with people from other countries who speak different languages ​​could give you that extra edge. If you get a Brazilian prospect and they don’t speak Portuguese, and one of your staff members does, this can be the difference between getting the business or having to see them pick your competitor.

Establish relationships with lenders who specialize in financing foreign buyers

No man or woman is an island and if all you have to offer is your services, you are already at a disadvantage. Most good real estate agents have an entire network of professionals to whom they can refer their clients when they need a specific step in the home buying process. The lender is a very important contact and establishing a relationship with the right people is key; it can be the difference between a smooth and easy financing process or a long, drawn out and daunting search. Establish a relationship with a lender who specializes in financing foreign buyers so that you can help your client navigate the sometimes complicated path to obtain a mortgage loan for a residential or commercial property in the US.

Once secured, stay engaged and accessible

Putting your information, trust and capital in the hands of people you may never have met in person before and who are hours away and perhaps oceans away can be stressful. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes: Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind knowing that your agent is responsive and won’t dodge your calls or drop off the radar at any moment? Be more present and accessible with your international customers. Set up Skype calls, keep an open line of communication via WhatsApp, and don’t wait more than 24 hours (max) when communicating via email. The more transparent and responsive you are, the more your foreign buyer will trust you and the more likely they will be to approach you and refer you to their contacts.