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When it comes to securing a home loan, one person in particular matters most — you!

We strive to provide mortgage loan products that meet your specific needs with the fastest pre-approval in the market.

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Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your home buying plans! When buying a home, you have plenty of options when it comes to the type of mortgage loan you take out. Mortgage loan rates can fluctuate frequently, but we will make sure to find the best option in the market for you.


With QKapital’s support on your side, you can sit back and enjoy the view. QKapital offers guaranteed mortgage loans with fixed interest rates, even for troubled credits. 0% down, up to 90% financing for nationals, and up to 75% financing for foreigners.


Mortgage Loans


for Foreign Clients

Do you live outside of the United States, or are you a Realtor with international clients looking to invest in US real estate? QKapital can help you with your foreign national loans with as few as five requirements.


QKapital is a leader in foreign national loans. We specialize in helping US citizens and foreign nationals finance their real estate investment properties with the fastest pre-approval in the market.

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