The best neighborhoods to invest in Miami

Miami remains a paradise for foreign investors. Accustomed to their countries, where the economy and politics paint an uncertain picture, Brazilians, Venezuelans, Mexicans, Colombians and Argentines are just some of those who decide to invest long-term in buildings or properties in Miami.

On the other hand, the advantages of financial leverage often make it not only more profitable to invest in the purchase of a property instead of paying rent, but also end up making the monthly mortgage payment cheaper than rent. monthly. Those are all the reasons why regular tourists in Miami decide to invest their capital in the city.

What drives a real estate investor’s choice when choosing a certain area in Miami? Well, there are several variables to take into account. First of all, the quality of life, then the strategic location and the valuation of the properties. But let’s see some of the most chosen and best neighborhoods to invest in Miami.

The best neighborhoods to invest in Miami with a mortgage loan

The best investment areas in Miami are divided according to the investor’s objective. On the one hand, we have neighborhoods that are better for housing, then there are others that are better for businesses or offices. Let’s dig a little deeper into both cases.

  • Best neighborhoods to invest in Miami for housing.
  • Surfside is ideal for those seeking a calm and peaceful ocean view. It is a residential area, ideal for daily walks.
  • Coconut Grove is known for its large amount of greenery. It is located near Coral Gables, south of Miami, and also provides tranquility to its neighbors.
  • Brickell, the old financial center of Miami, is the perfect place for those looking for an exclusive area, close to the river and downtown. Quality and distinction for those who want to stand out or later take advantage of a higher income if they decide to rent to someone.
  • Aventura is an urban area with a great family and cultural life, which has been developing strongly since 1995. It is quiet and offers many commercial and gastronomic options.
  • In South Beach we can find the famous Ocean Drive. Iconic, this area is home to the best hotels, restaurants, cafes and delicacies, as well as artistic activities. Formerly known as the American Riviera, South Beach stands out for its elegance.
  • Bay Harbor/North Village is an area made up of three islands in Miami Dade: North Bay Island, Harbor Island, and Treasure Island. The triad is connected by the Kennedy Bridge to Miami and Miami Beach. It offers incredible views of Biscayne Bay. Bay Village is also known for its nightlife. It is very interesting for investors because it is also located in a strategic location near Downtown and Miami Beach.
  • Hollywood Beach has an atmosphere that might remind you of the 1930s. It’s one of the few areas in Miami where we can’t hear everyone speaking Spanish, with most of its tourists being European. The landscape is shown as small houses and buildings.
  • Fisher Island is the place where luxury meets the impossible. Mansions of politicians, artists and celebrities are blessed with private beaches, golf courses, spas, etc. It is an island surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and by South Miami Beach in its northern part.
  • The best neighborhoods to invest in Miami for offices
  • Coral Gables and West Palm Beach have seen an appetite for Class A offices. Many businesses are looking for entire floors in both areas.
  • Fort Lauderdale. Here, new buildings designed with open floor plans, large amenity spaces and larger windows will attract the Miami commercial landing.
  • Brickell continues to be an ideal destination to invest in offices as it has always been traditionally. On the contrary, we find an emerging area, Wynwood, with a large number of offices where we can find coworking spaces already installed. A domino effect is expected soon. Coconut Grove is also added as a destination for this type of company.

Finally, it’s good to keep in mind the differences between an average monthly mortgage loan payment and an average monthly rent. There are neighborhoods in Miami where mortgage payments are cheaper than rents, and when looking at different investment areas in the city, those neighborhoods are often chosen over others for that reason.