Winning Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Success

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The industry of commercial real estate (CRE) borrowing and lending experienced a notable shift in 2023, as reported by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). Despite the decline in total CRE mortgage borrowing and lending, there are valuable insights and opportunities for realtors and investors to explore. Let’s delve into the details and understand the implications for the real estate industry.

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Understanding the Data

According to the MBA’s 2023 Commercial Real Estate/Multifamily Finance Annual Origination Volume Summation, total CRE mortgage borrowing and lending amounted to $429 billion in 2023. This marks a significant 47 percent decrease from the previous year, reflecting various market dynamics such as higher interest rates and uncertainty in property values.

Insights from MBA

Jamie Woodwell, MBA’s Head of Commercial Real Estate Research, highlighted the key factors contributing to the decline in borrowing and lending activities. Factors such as higher interest rates, questions about property fundamentals, and uncertainties led to a cautious approach among property owners and investors.

Opportunities for Realtors and Investors

While the market experienced a slowdown, there are notable opportunities for realtors and investors to capitalize on:

Strategic Investment:

Despite the decline in borrowing, strategic investments in CRE properties with strong fundamentals can yield favorable returns. Realtors can guide investors in identifying properties with long-term potential.

Market Resilience:

The sustained growth in the amount of CRE mortgage debt outstanding signals the resilience of the market. Investors with a long-term view can leverage this resilience to build robust portfolios.


Diversifying investment portfolios across different property types and capital sources can mitigate risks associated with market fluctuations. Realtors can advise clients on diversification strategies tailored to their investment goals.

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What benefits does QKapital offer for realtors in the commercial real estate market?

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Source: Mortgage Bankers Association. Total Commercial Real Estate Borrowing and Lending Declined 47 Percent in 2023 | Mba.org. Apr 23, 2024